DISASTER Car Interior Detailing.

DISASTER Car Interior Detailing.

Car Detailing the dirtiest and trashiest 2018 Kia Sorrento SUV, This Car belongs to a family who owns a pet, so it’s full of garbage, trash, debris, pet hair, candy stains, pet stains, coffee stains and candy stains. So, we will start our extreme car interior detailing by removing all the items from the car interior, we will use two large garbage bags to remove all the trash from the interior. Also, we will keep the personal items of the customers apart. After we are done the full interior vacuuming, including the dashboard, the center console, the steps, the car interior leather seats and the dirty carpet, we will start treating the car interior components separately, that means the glass interior, the vinyl, plastic and rubber inside the car, for this purpose, we will use alternatively: LVP cleaners by 3D and steam cleaning. To clean the car interior leather seats, we will use Gyeon leather cleaner. Finally, we will apply a deep carpet shampooing and extraction for the car interior carpet flooring. For shampooing, we will use 3D shampooing product, and for extraction, we will use Bissell Spot Clean. We hope you like watching our video.

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