water being sprayed on a car

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com

Car Detailing the dirtiest 2015 Ford Escape interior. This super dirty SUV belongs to a family who has a pet, so the car interior is full of pet hair, dust, debris, garbage and tough stains plus salt. So, after removing the customer’s personal items, we will apply a deep interior vacuuming for the carpet, the seats, the door’s interior and the dashboard. After finishing the deep interior vacuuming, we will start treating the vinyl, plastic and rubber inside the car separately, using LVP cleaner by 3D, and steam cleaner. Finally, we will apply a deep interior shampooing and extraction for the dirty carpet and seats. The final result of this extreme interior detailing is absolutely amazing to watch, so make sure you watch the full video until the end.

Masters Auto Cleaner’s Detailing Videos:


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