Car Interior Detailing.

Mobile Car Interior Detailing In Calgary AB.

We offer high quality car interior detailing services In Calgary, Alberta, using the latest technology and the most advanced quality products to clean, detail, sanitize and protect the car interior while giving the car interior a new look.

Our Car interior Package includes:

  • Full Car interior deep vacuuming.
  • Car Interior Carpet and seat’s shampooing: stains/marks/grease removal.
  • Carpet and seats deep steam cleaning/Deep Cleaning.
  • Disinfection, full interior Sanitation.
  • Leather special cleaning, deep steaming and conditioning.
  • Salt Removal.
  • Vinyl, Plastic and rubber cleaning, deep steaming and protection
  • Dashboard/Coffee mugs cleaning, deep steaming and protection.
  • Vent’s steam cleaning and protection.
  • Door’s interior cleaning, steaming and protection.
  • Glass Interior and Exterior cleaning.
  • Interior Foot Steps cleaning and protection.
  • Car Interior Protection.
  • Back trunk vacuuming and shampooing.
  • Floor mats vacuuming and shampooing.

Car Interior Detailing dirty truck with Shampooing and interior protection:

Car Interior Detailing Rates:

**July 2024 PROMO RATES only**


* Sedan : $150
* Suv/Truck : $170
* Minivan: $ 190

* Family Pack: 2 Car’s Interior Detailing : $280

Pet Hair Removal from car interior:


Pet Hair Removal: Small pet Hair Qt: $30

Pet Hair Removal: Medium/Large pet Hair Qt.: $70

Odor Removal : $20

Headliner’s Cleaning: $30

Engine Bay Steam Cleaning: $80