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Dirty Mercedes AMG GTS Complete Exterior and Interior Auto Detailing. In this video we will be detailing a 2016 Mercedes Benz AMG GTS. So, first we will start with an exterior water rinse before we apply a two buckets hand wash using a soft mitt, we will also apply a degreaser on the wheels and the lower part of the exterior paint, next, we will clean the wheels and the tires using a few tire’s brushes. The second step of this complete detailing is the interior deep cleaning, which we will start with a deep interior vacuuming, followed by leather special treatment and finally we will apply a deep interior shampooing and extraction for the carpet interior. We hope you like watching our car detailing video, don’t forget to leave us you feedback in the comment area. Also, make sure you subscribe to our channel, so that you don’t miss out on our amazing detailing videos every Saturday at 9am Est.

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