Car Cleaning The Dirtiest Toyota Tacoma EVER.

Car Cleaning The Dirtiest Toyota Tacoma EVER.

Car Detailing The Dirtiest Toyota Tacoma Truck EVER. Satisfying car Cleaning Video and and amazing detailing transformation. Today, we are deep cleaning the Nastiest and the filthiest Truck ever, this 2006 Toyota Tacoma interior is the ultimate disaster car detailing video on our channel so far, the interior is full of garbage, debris, a tremendous amount of pet hair and pet stains, pet vomit all over the back seats and the interior carpet, food stains and mold, on top of that the truck has a very strong interior odor. So, in order to complete this extreme disaster interior detail, we will first start by removing the front interior seats, we will then remove the garbage from the truck’s interior, and try to remove as much pet hair as possible before we apply a deep interior vacuuming for the car interior door panels, the steps, the car interior seats, the dashboard and the center console using a very soft brush. The next step is the car interior seats and carpet deep shampooing and extraction, and ultimately we will clean and deep steam the car interior vinyl, plastic and rubber separately. The final step is protection application, and the result is very satisfying to watch, a day and night car detailing transformation. Subscribe to our channel for more disaster car detail videos.

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