Cleaning The Hairiest Work Truck Ever

Cleaning The Hairiest Work Truck Ever

Car Detailing the Hairiest 2016 Dodge Ram work truck interior. Today’s detail must be the hairiest car detailing video on our channel, this truck has never been detailed since it was bought new, and As you can see from the video, this truck’s interior contains an excessive amount of pet hair, which will be a big challenge for us to remove the pet hair 100% from this truck’s interior, this will also make an outstanding cleaning transformation, and a very satisfying video to watch. So the first step that we will implement to complete this extreme disaster interior detailing, is to try and remove as much hair as possible from the car interior, for this purpose, we will use a Furzoff rock, you could also use a rubber brush or rubber gloves. In this video, we will show you how to remove pet hair from the car interior, and you will see how much hair we can remove using just the furzoff rock, and before applying a deep interior vacuuming which will be our next step. We will then start cleaning the car interior vinyl, plastic, glass and leather using an LVP cleaner by 3D, and finally we will apply a deep interior shampooing and extraction for the car interior fabric seats and carpets. The final result is out of this world, and it made up for our 12 hours thorough detail of this super hair disaster car interior, make sure you watch the full video until the end to enjoy the full satisfying cleaning video.

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