How to remove pet hair from car interior ?

How to remove pet hair from car interior ?

Sometimes when our Calgary residents are driving with our furiends in the car it’s like we are in a cyclone of dog hair, swirling around us and working it’s way into every nook and cranny of the car. 
Pet hair may not be the most disgusting thing that’s ever made a mess in a car, but it can be one of the most annoying, especially if guests riding in your vehicle are allergic!  At Calgary AB, pet owners know that especially during summer as our dogs are shedding, it’s good for the conscience to keep the car clean.  Check out these easy tips to remove pet hair from your car!

One of the cheapest, easiest ways to remove fur from the car is using a rubber glove like the one that’s used to wash dishes.  If you don’t have a rubber glove, a latex glove can be an adequate replacement.  The hair will stick to the gloves more than your bare fingers.  If this isn’t effective, try adding a little moisture to the gloves as the water will help the air to clump.  


Another cheap and easy method, wrap duct tape around a cardboard tube from toilet paper or paper towel, and use it as you would a lint roller.  Save the lint roller for the clothing!  Be careful, as I’m sure you know duct tape is quite sticky.


Use either a pumice stone or ask us for a Fur-Zoff stone to rid carpeted areas of fur.  This method is cost-effective, reduces waste, and is consistent and reliable.  Be careful to make sure your carpeted areas or upholstery are not damaged through use of fabric softener.  The trick is to use a spray bottle to put a light layer of fabric softener and water onto the stone, and then scrape it in one direction (so as not to further embed the fur) on the problem areas.  The fabric softener is used to break static bonds that keep the hair on the carpet, as well as to soften to abrasive surface of the stone!


An obvious choice, and while this will get rid of a lot of the surface area fur that might blow out of your car when the windows are down, it might struggle to get the more embedded fur out.  In addition, some vacuums can be a bit unwieldy.  We recommend using the vacuum as a supplemental method to one of the above!  Or, if you have it, use compressed air to actually dislodge some of the embedded hair!


A few quick tips to prevent pet hair from building up:

  1. Brush your pet regularly!  It’s good for them, and it means less loose hair will be floating around when they get in the car!
  2. Consider investing in a seat cover for your vehicle.  These can be conventionally washed and make your life much easier when it comes to dirt, mud, fur, and other pet-related debris.
  3. Keep your pet relatively contained!  A pet harness or crate makes for a safer ride for your furiend, as well as keeps all the pet stuff in one spot!
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