5 Tips To Remove Pet Hair From Your Car Interior like a pro in Calgary.

5 Tips To Remove Pet Hair From Your Car Interior like a pro in Calgary.

If you like to take your furry friends with you when you travel, then it’s normal to find pet hair in your car. Car cleaning gets difficult when there is pet hair inside. It is difficult to remove pet hair by following conventional cleaning methods, but that doesn’t mean that you have to ban your pet from your car.
Here are 5 tips that will help you remove pet hair from your car:

  1. Rubber Gloves
    You can easily remove pet hair by using rubber gloves. First of all, moisten the rubber gloves with water. The next thing you need to do is put the rubber gloves on and start rubbing the interior of your car in one direction. Pretty soon you will see that furs are gathering at the fingertips.
  2. Balloons
    Using balloons to clear pet hair is a smart car cleaning solution because balloons can attract hair after they are rubbed with something dry. So, take a balloon and rub it on the targeted surface inside your car and you will see pet hairs start sticking on to it.
  3. Spray and Wipe
    Do you have a fabric softener in your home? You can use that to remove pet hair from your car. Just mix a few tablespoons of fabric softener with water and spray the mixture on the targeted surface. Wipe it off with a paper towel and you will get a pet hair free car. Don’t forget to dry the sprayed surface afterwards, otherwise, you might leave a few nasty stains.
  4. Duct Tape
    Have you ever tried duct tape for cleaning pet hair? It’s really easy to remove pet hair using it. Just take the duct tape and press the adhesive side firmly on the upholstery inside your car and then lift the tape. Try this car cleaning tip and see the result for yourself.
  5. A Rubber or A wire brush
    Both a rubber and a wire can work great as a pet hair remover. So, for removing pet hair from the upholstery of your car, you can brush the targeted surface with a rubber or a wire brush. Sweep the brush on a single direction and you will find pet hairs gathering into a chunk.
    You can try these DIY tips which will help you remove pet hairs from the car or come to Oasis Car Wash, where you can use our facilities. Our industrial vacuums will perfectly clean all sorts of unwanted objects including pet hair from the interior of your car.

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