Everything You Need to Know about Car Interior Detailing

Everything You Need to Know about Car Interior Detailing

Car interior detailing is all about beauty on the inside. However, there is more to interior detailing than meets the eye. It is not enough to simply look good. The inside of a car should provide a hygienic environment with a clean, fresh smell to help create a positive driving experience. This involves deep-cleaning techniques that sanitize upholstery, carpets and surfaces for a germ-free finish. Interior detailing to a high standard requires preparation, hard work and a standardized process. If you want immaculate results, work through a series of steps to ensure that no corner of the car is overlooked. Then contact our Macdetailz detailing shop for a guaranteed satisfaction.

What Is Car Interior Detailing?
There is a process to car interior detailing. It initially involves vacuuming to remove all the crumbs, dust and other debris from the carpets, floor mats, seats and trunk. Upholstery is shampooed or refreshed using specialized methods depending on the seat material. Child safety seats, if fitted, will need to be thoroughly cleaned, too. Windows, air vents, door handles, dashboard, steering wheel, gear stick and all other surfaces including dials and switches need to be wiped down and polished. Then you can add your specialized finishing techniques to leave a car looking as good as new. Read on to discover all you need to know about car interior detailing.

5 Important Dos and Don’ts of Car Interior Detailing
Professional car detailers tend to adhere to a methodical approach with great attention to detail. Follow their lead to ensure you get sparkling results. There are 5 important must-dos and don’ts for an interior car deep clean. Take a look at the following: 

  1. Do Your Prep Work First and Tidy Up
    There are no short cuts to good car interior detailing. One of the common mistakes people make is failing to prepare the car properly beforehand. It is impossible to do the best job possible without a general clean-up first. Remove personal items, wrappers, papers, bottles, takeaway coffee cups and any other items that are cluttering the car. Dispose of the stuff that isn’t needed and safely store anything that is of importance to you.
  2. Don’t Forget the Seat Belts
    Seat belts and buckles are frequently touched items in the car but are often overlooked in car interior detailing because the belts retract when not in use and then lie flush against the car seat. It is important to include them in car interior detailing because belts retain dirt and stains. The material can get grubby from food spills, coffee splashes, transfer from hand cream and so on. Handy car wash interior cleaning hacks for sprucing up seat belts include making a solution with vinegar and water to wipe down and sanitize them. Use three parts vinegar to one part water for a DIY all-purpose disinfectant.
  3. Do Clean Underneath Child Safety Seats
    Wherever there are small children, there are usually crumbs. It is no different in the car, especially when kids snack on car journeys. Therefore, car seats for children need regular vacuuming and cleaning. However, people can often forget to clean underneath the seats. The best practice is to remove the safety seat completely to clean it and gain access to the upholstery underneath. The creases between the seats are another place people forget when detailing their car. Use the vacuum cleaner nozzle attachment for small spaces to get the best clean possible.
  4. Don’t Overlook the AC Vents When Performing Car Interior Detailing
    AC vents need more than a quick wipe down. It is not enough to just clean the surface when you are car interior detailing. You need to get in between the slats too. Overlooking the AC vents could result in a musty smell over time, which is not pleasant. One of our favorite car interior cleaning tips is using a foam or sponge paintbrush to access the hard-to-reach places. You can buy them in cleaning supplies store. The softness of the sponge also ensures you won’t scratch or damage the vents while you clean.
  5. Do Use the Right Cloths for Spotless Windows
    A glass cleaner will transform the inside of windows. Be sure to spray directly onto the cloth first otherwise you’ll end up with streaky windows. It is important to use the right kind of cloth to ensure a sparkling, streak-free finish. Paper towels can leave traces of lint and fuzz on the glass. Go for a microfiber cloth to buff the glass after cleaning. This type of cloth is great for other basic interior detailing procedures too, such as wiping down vinyl and cleaning door panels.

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