Bringing you a brand new car!
Has it been a while since you last given a proper care to your car? Have you been out and about, and not able to give your car some much needed tender loving care.

Or maybe you just bought a new vehicle, no matter if you bought it from a dealership or bought it from someone, but you can tell it needs attention as soon as possible.
You should consider getting a complete detail for your vehicle, no matter the current state that your vehicle is in.
And what is part of the complete detail?
It’s both the Deep Interior Detail and Exterior scratch free Hand wash and Hand dry. Should you want, consider getting an engine bay steam cleaning and protection.
Have in mind; the complete detail service is not the same as what many of the other local car wash provides.
We strive to pay attention to every single detail in your car, we’re not worried about the next car, and this is all about you and your car.
We will provide all the info right when you drop off the car.

What are the steps we take to get your vehicle to tip top shape?
Your trunk’s door jamb is the most dirty and more tedious to clean. Then we work on the rest of the door jambs.
Wheels and the wheel wells are thoroughly washed.
The entire car is then stripped down with an all-purpose cleaner, this helps loosen up the traffic film on the paint of your car.
Rinsed and washed with PH neutral soap, this helps us get rid of any other dirt, grime, old wax, etc.
To fully decontaminate your car from stuck on dirt and also help remove harmful iron particles that can eat your car’s paint, we use a clay bar treatment and iron remover.
We completely dry your car and to make sure we don’t miss a spot, we use an air blower to get the hard to reach places.
While drying the car, we apply wax or any other sealants to give it a nice protection and shine to your car, this should give protection anywhere from 3 to 6 months depending on the usage of your car.
Tires are dressed and windows are wiped completely streak free.
We start off by checking the car entirely to see if you have any loose items, as change, paperwork etc. Anything we find we put aside in a bag, and give back to you.
All of the floor mats are removed, vacuumed, shampooed, and extracted. Then we let them sit in the sun, to dry faster
Normally we do the door jambs, but since this is a complete detail, we added the step in the exterior services.

All of the plastic surfaces, from door panels, dashboard, etc. will be steamed and cleaned with all-purpose cleaner.
To protect the plastic surfaces, we add a uv resistant protection as a dressing to protect it from dust, bodily oils and the sun. We also want the interior to looking like you’re driving it off the lot.
A quick wipe down of the headliner and visors.
Thorough vacuum of the entire vehicle including the trunk. This includes crevices, between the seats the seams of the seats, etc.
Then we shampoo the seats and carpets, the process we do is meticulous. Most if not all of stains will be removed.
Windows will be thoroughly cleaned and give you that much needed clarity.
A final walk through of the vehicle to see if we missed anything. Our thought process is “if we can see it, then so can the customer”

You have earned a perpetually clean, new-looking car; embody your work in joy.

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