How To detail a Super Dirty and Super Hairy Work Truck Interior?

How To detail a Super Dirty and Super Hairy Work Truck Interior?

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Today we are detailing a 2016 GMC SierraDenaliHD that came in to our detailing shop located in Calgary, AB, for a full interior and exterior detail with a one-stage polish to make the car look shiny and fresh from inside, as well as super clean and super glossy from the exterior, we will also apply a 6 weeks sealant to protect the Glossy car exterior look.

The first part of this extreme car detail, is the complete car interior detailing, that includes the full interior detailing and protection. the transformation is absolutely amazing and outstanding to watch so make sure you watch the full video until the end and make sure you subscribe to our channel to get the latest videos that we publish.

So, to start this complete interior detail, we will first remove and clean the floor mats before we apply a full interior vacuuming this truck’s interior. To Clean the carpet floor mats we are using a shop vacuum, then we will apply shampooing using 3D upholstery cleaner, finally, we will pressure wash the floor mats before extracting the water residue using a Bissell Extractor. Next, we will clean the rubber floor mats using a pressure washer, we will also give the rubber floor mats a good scrub using” LVP’ Cleaner by 3D car care product, or an all-purpose cleaner, finally, we will apply 303 aerospace for a shiny final look.

This Truck’s interior has a tremendous amount of pet hair and has also a lot of dust and debris and garbage so we’ll make sure we do a very good vacuuming before we apply any treatment or any cleaning for the interior carpet, leather seats and interior panels.

To vacuum the door’s interiors, the dashboard, center console and the leather seats, we are using a very soft horse-hair brush to be able to agitate and remove the fur and dust from the car interior panels without causing any damage to the interior vinyl, rubber, plastic and leather.

When it comes to detailing car’s interiors with pet’s hair inside the car, sometimes it becomes difficult and sometimes impossible to remove the pet hair just using the vacuum, even a strong vacuum machine. To avoid this problem, we are using a couple tools that makes it easier to collect the pet hair manually before we apply the vacuum, this technique also agitates the hair from it’s roots so that it’s easier to pick up with the vacuum. The first tool we are using is a rubber brush; this is a very easy and very safe, non-abrasive tool that you can use on the car interior seats and the carpet to collect and pick up the fur manually. The second tool we use to remove fur from the car interioris afurz-off rock, we combine these two tools to remove as much pet hair as possible manually, before we apply a final thorough vacuuming.

After we finish the full interior vacuuming of this disaster truck’s interior, we will now start cleaning the car interior glass, vinyl, rubber, plastic, doors interior panels, dashboard, center console and also the car interior leather seats. To clean the car into the panels vinyl plastic and rubber we are using” LVP’ Cleaner by 3D; a leather, vinyl and plastic cleaner by 3d car care products.To clean the leather seats, we are using “Gyeon leather strong.”

A very soft brush will be used to apply the solution, while we wipe down the residue using very soft and clean micro-fiber towels, Finally, we will protect the car interior Vinyl panels using “303 aerospace protectant”, we will also condition the leather seats.

The final step of this complete car interior detailing is the car interior carpet shampooing and extraction, for shampooing we are using “3d upholstery cleaner by 3d car care products” and for extraction we are using Bissell extractor, and this should be it for this total disaster interior complete detailing, the second part will include the full exterior hand wash and a one stage polish and sealant application.

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