Wash, Decontamination, Polish and Ceramic Coating a Dirty Mercedes AMG.

Wash, Decontamination, Polish and Ceramic Coating a Dirty Mercedes AMG in Calgary.

Hello everyone, and welcome back to a new detailing video at Macdetailz Car detailing website, we are ranked as one of the best detailing shop in Calgary, Alberta.

Today’s video is one that I’ve been looking forward to make since a long time, this is our first ceramic coating video on our detailing channel.

We have a 2005super dirty MercedesE55 AMG this one is up for an insane transformation and I would recommend that you watch the full detailing video until the end.

Before applying the ceramic coating, we will have to prepthe car, that means washing the car thoroughly, applying a 3 stages decontamination process and then applying a two-stage polish.

The first step we’ll start with is a pre-wash rinse to remove most of the mud, dirt and salt from the car exterior paint, we will then apply an iron remover, so the iron remover is our first stage decontamination, the second stage is applying a tar remover and the third stage is clay bar Application. For this car we are using a mild clay bar that’s a medium strength clay bar.One thing to note about this car is that it has old PPF, that’s old paint protection film on the front part of the hood and also the front bumper, the customer; the owner of this car is planning to replace this ppf soon so we won’t polish that part.

Iron Remover:

Tar Remover:

Clay Bar :

Before We start the full exterior hand washusing the two-bucket system; we will deep clean the wheels using a few tires and rims brushes. Once we’re done the full exterior hand wash, we will apply a second stage decontamination which is a tar remover and then we apply a third stage decontamination which is the mild clay bar the decontamination process is very important to prep the car for polishing as it removes contaminants and impurities from the car exterior surface which is very important to do before you apply any polish

Now, it’s time to start our two stages polish which are cutting and finishing. for cutting we are using five inches cutting wool pad, and for finishing we are using five inches finishing foam pad, both pads are by “lake country”.  For compound we are using a “garage Griots” complete compound. The reason why we’re applying a two stages polish is because this is included in the package that the customer has picked so this package will offer a two-year ceramic coating with a two stages polish.

Before & After 2 Stages polish :

Once we’ve applied our two stages polish all over the car exterior and once the car exterior is cleaned and purged again, we will start applying our ceramic coating,for this purpose, we are using “Gyeon” one Ceramic coating, which, with one layer is supposed to last and protect the car exterior paint for at least two years with proper maintenance, once we’re done applying ceramic coating we will wait and let the car dry for one hour before applying “Gyeon” Pure, which is a sealant that’s supposed to protect the ceramic coating for 6 weeks, and this should be the last step of our ceramic coating video, I hope you guys will like watching this amazing transformation. (ToWatch the full video, scroll below.)

Before :

After :

Here is the complete Mercedes ceramic coating detailing video:

Thank you for reading and watching!

MacDetailz Shop Team.

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