Car Detailing the dirtiest 2010 Toyota Matrix. This car is currently used for pizza delivery, but before that, it belonged to a heavy smoked, so there is a huge amount of cigarette ashes inside the car, and the smoke odor coming out from the car is very strong, so today we will apply a deep interior detailing for this dirty car, the deep interior car cleaning will allow us to sanitize the car interior fully and remove the smoke smell. So the first thing we will start with after removing the car interior front seats, first we will remove the garbage from inside the car, then we will apply a deep interior vacuuming for the seats, the carpet interior, the dashboard, the center console using a very soft brush, and we will also vacuum the door’s interiors. Once we are done vacuuming the full car interior, we will start shampooing the front seats and cleaning the carpet floor mats, then we will start cleaning the glass, vinyl and plastic inside the car. Finally, we will shampoo the car interior dirty carpet. we hope you enjoy our extreme car detailing video, and the result is very satisfying to watch. Make sure you subscribe to our detailing Channel for more videos every Sunday at 9am Eastern. Masters Auto Cleaner’s Detailing Videos:


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