We all know that washing your car regularly is important, but what about waxing it? Waxing your vehicle involves applying a think coat of wax to your paint, allowing it to harden slightly, and then buffing it off with a towel or polisher. Waxing your car has many great benefits, especially in the wintertime. The most common time people wash and wax their vehicles is during the summer because of the nice weather and available sunlight. However, keeping a good wax on your car for the winter months can be more beneficial to your paint job. Especially somewhere like Calgary, Canada, where winters are harsh and the roads are salted, taking good care of your vehicles paint job will keep it looking new for years.

Waxing Vs Polishing
A polish is used to give your car a smooth, workable surface. It is used to remove imperfections like scratches and swirl marks from the clear coat of your paint. Polishing down your vehicles clear coat will smooth out all of the surfaces and get it ready for a layer of wax. Wax is used as a protective layer on top of your clear coat. It fills in the gaps of the clear coat and adds protection on top of that. You want to make sure your vehicle is nice and clean and free of any dirt or contaminants before adding wax, as the wax will seal in anything on the surface of the vehicle. You also want to make sure to have proper lighting as well as not in direct sunlight when applying wax. A well-lit garage is the best place that you can apply a wax to the surface of your vehicle.
Benefits of Waxing Your Car

  • Protection from the weather.
    A proper coat of wax on your vehicle will protect it from the weather elements. It is a barrier that keeps the suns rays from damaging the paint during the summer, as well as a barrier that protects from ice and road salts during the winter. Keeping a coat of wax on your car will prevent fading, discoloration, oxidation, and light scratches.
    Gives your car a glossy finish
    A fresh coat of wax will have your car looking brand new.
    Wax polishes the clear coat and brings out the colour and shine of the car. Many owners will love their car looking this good and is enough motivation in itself to keep a good wax on your car.
  • Prevents water spots
    When it rains.
    Water collects on the surface of your paint and as it evaporates, it leaves behind dirt and contaminants. A proper coat of wax will cause the water to bead up and roll of your car. This will result in less water remaining on your car and ultimately fewer contaminants and a better-looking car.

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