We make your car’s paint
look great.

MacDetailz Calgary paint correction professionals have the training, tools, solutions, and experience to safely polish your vehicle’s paint to spec.

We can safely remove from most car’s paint oxidation, swirl marks, surface scuffs and scratches, hard-water spots, tar, salt, iron and bird-dropping etchings.

We liven cars’ paint; make the paint brighter, shinier, glossier. Blacks become blacker; reds redder; metallics shimmi-er.

Paint correction is creatively destructive—the mechanical refinement of the outermost layer of your car’s paint. We make your paint shinier by literally smoothing microscopically every side of your car exterior paint.

Our paint correction process is slow, methodical, customized just for you. We care for your car or truck as you would, had you the time and tools.

Macdetailz Calgary is conservative.

Our paint correction process begins with careful inspection of your paint to ensure it can tolerate polishing.

This inspection includes numerous readings with our professional-grade digital paint thickness meter.
Readings from the paint thickness meter informs us if and how much we can polish a particular section or panel of your vehicle’s paint.

We then discuss our findings with you and, if polishing is the plan, perform a test-panel.
Our “test-panel” phase proves our recommended course of action. We take a piece of tape, section-off a panel, and polish one side of the panel to see a side-by-side comparison; a before and after.
We share the findings and consult with you once more, modify the process if needed, or proceed if you like the results.
A big part of successful paint correction is in the preparation of the car’s panels, and paint correction specialist.

Your car’s panels have to be 100% free of contaminants, or those contaminants may embed in the polishing pad, potentially making your paint worse. Thus, prior to successful polishing, you need a 100% clean and decontaminated car exterior.

To get your car 100% clean and ready for polishing, we perform the process described as the decontamination wash, which includes a thorough decontamination car wash with shampoos designed to safely remove old waxes or sealants, and chemical and mechanical decontamination treatments (Iron X and clay bar) to safely remove entrenched grit from your paint. Only after these and several more prep steps, including taping your car’s trim and adjoining panels, do we begin polishing.
Our paint correction specialists have the right training, tools, solutions, temperament, and touch for paint correction. For paint correction, you need the right judgment; you have to know when to place more or less pressure on the machine, more or less solution, when to concede to a scratch or scuff. For paint correction, you can’t be stubborn. Diligent, yes. Thorough, yes. Meticulous, yes. Stubborn, no.
We know and respect the limits—our limits. You need the patience to let tools and products do their work—the temperament to not stubbornly burn the paint. This comes from experience, ability, character—the foundational qualifications of our paint correction specialists.

The mainstays of our paint correction tools and solutions are our professional-grade dual-action polishers, both short- and long-throw, dozens of professional-grade polishing pads of various types for various applications, Menzenrna polishing compound, 3D One all-in-one hybrid compound and polish, various grits and sizes of paint-finishing wet sandpaper, sanding blocks, a digital paint-thickness meter, and dozens of microfiber towels of different types of the highest quality.

With us you get rounded service.
You get the benefit of us using the right tools, the right way, efficiently.
And, the potential difference in our price is more than offset by your car’s retained or increased value, increased utility, and the billions’ worth in your freed time.
Even diamonds need polishing.
A shiny car reflects on you.
Enjoy your time, brilliantly.
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