The Best Hand Car Wash Auto Detailing in Calgary.

The Best Hand Car Wash Auto Detailing in Calgary.

Dear Calgary Residents,

Hi! We are Macdetailz Calgary, the best hand car wash company in Calgary!

Our company has been in service for several years now, and we can promise you that our car wash services do not disappoint.
The quality of our services can only be achieved through years of hard-work and experience on the field, and that was how we rose to the top as the best car wash company in Calgary!

In Canada alone, almost 90% of households own cars. If you’re one of those, then you probably want your car to look shiny and brand new all the time.
However, with increased usage, your car will get exposed to different elements, and they become dirtier over time. When that happens, you’ll need to hire a car wash service to clean your car again.
Here are some of the signs that will tell if you need a car wash again:

  • The dust is visible on your car;
  • Your windshield wiper cannot clean the windshield properly anymore;
  • There’s a lot of dirt and crumbs in your car interior;
  • Your wheels are dirty; or
  • It recently rained heavily in your area.
    If you noticed any of these signs in your car, then you should hire a car wash in Calgary to clean your car again, and when it comes to car wash services, Macdetailz Calgary is the best company for you!
    What Services Do We Offer?
    Macdetailz Calgary has been offering a lot of services throughout our years of experience in the field. We specialize in car details and car wash, paint correction and car paint coatings including ceramic coating, and pretty much any type of car service that would make your car look brand new again. To know more about our services, you can browse through our website or call us.
    Hand Car Wash
    You might be asking, “What does hand car wash services mean?” Well, it’s pretty simple: it’s a car wash service that is done manually. This is different from the automatic car wash services that you see, because we make sure that our cleaning services will focus on the details and making your car shine like brand new!
    Yes, we still use machines for cleaning, but since most of the cleaning procedures are done by hand, you can expect that our hand car wash cleaning services are gentler towards your car. We can promise you that you will not see new scratches on your car because of the big and bulky equipment that other companies use. This is why our cleaning services are perfect for every type of car, no matter how big or small.
    Why Get The Best Hand Car Wash Near You?
    Not only that, we also use the best cleaning materials for your car, and our high-quality cleaning agents can clean the toughest stains, as well as bring out the original shine in your car! Here are the other reasons why you should get a hand car wash for cleaning your car:
  • The process is more delicate;
  • Your car will not get scratched because of the large equipment;
  • We can detect the scratches in your car that were previously unnoticed;
  • Uses less energy;
  • Cheaper than using large machines;
  • Hand car wash cleaning also prevents early rusting for other car parts; and
  • Cleaning is more detailed, especially for hard-to-reach areas.

Are you a car owner that is looking for Calgary car wash or auto detailing services? Call us to enjoy a free quote from our company! Also, you can send your inquiries at our email (, or visit our website at

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