How To Remove Pet Hair fromYourCar Interior at Home?

How To Remove Pet Hair fromYourCar Interior at Home?

Hello Everyone,

In this article, we will talk about the detailer’s worst nightmare ever: Removing pet hair from a car interior.

Removing hair, even a small pet hair quantity from your car interior can be a very difficult task.

Without the proper tools or the right guidance information on how to remove pet hair from the carpet, the seats, the vinyl panels… and the rest of the car interior, this mission can become an impossible and exhausting one, even if you have the most powerful vacuum ever, removing pet hair requires more techniques and a lot of patience.

Most of the times,it’s impossible to guarantee 100% pet hair removal from a car interior, giving that hair is a very light element, which allows it to fly in the air and hide in small nooks and tight areas inside the car, which makes it sometimes impossible to remove from the car interior, even if you spend hours cleaning or detailing your car interior.

To make this task easier for the reader, especially if you want to detail your car that has pet hair at home like a professional does, we will try to aim (Hypothetically) for 95% pet hair removal.

We started this article with a picture of a 2020 GMC Sierra truck interior that has a tremendous amount of pet hair, we cleaned this truck 3 months ago and took us about 3 hours and a half for the full thorough detail, and just by using the simple tools we will mention in this article, we have been able to achieve the following result:

And what an amazing detailing Transformation!

So, in this article, we will share with you 3 tools or techniques that we use every day at our Macdetailz detailing shop to remove pet hair easily from our customer’s cars and to get the same outstanding result every time.

First, make sure you remove all belongings and garbage from your car interior.

This step is very important, before applying any technique or even before using a vacuum.

You will need to have a vacuum, to finish work after using the tools mentioned below, a regular shop vacuum would do the job.

Here are the 3 techniques and tools to remove pet hair efficiently from your car interior:

  1. Rubber brush: This is the first and the safest tool our there for pet hair removal.

There are many types of rubber brushes out there in the market, but one that is mostly used by detailers is the “Lilly brush”:

This rubber brush is safe for wood, chrome or plastic in car interiors, you could use it to clean carpet, seats, and roof-liners without the fear of scratching delicate plastic, chrome or wood nearby. The brush has sturdy detailing tips and shaped edges for corners, curves and large surface areas. Which removes even the most stubborn fur from Beagles, Pugs, Boxers, Huskies, Pyrenees, Shepherds…

Very easy to use at home, make sure you collect most of the fur manually before vacuuming.

2. Furz-off rock: (also called: volcano rock): This comes a second option, although, I use it very often in our daily car detailing service, as it helps us attacking large carpet surfaces inside the car, which saves us labor time.

It’s a rock that has many small holes, which allows easy hair collection from carpet flooring and fabric seats.

The rock Sweeps fur away and can be Used on carpets and couches

And on your car seats and carpets

NOTE: The Furz-Off Rock is Not To be used on Vinyl, Plastic, Leather or Rubber as it is a highly abrasive material.

Use with high Caution.

3. Rubber gloves and vacuuming: in case you don’t have access to both or one of previous tools, we recommend using rubber gloves to collect pet hair using your hands before applying vacuuming.

We recommend Nitrile 5 Mil Disposable Gloves – Latex Free, Textured, Powder Free, Non-Sterile, Ambidextrous.


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