How to Clean Car Interior Leather Seats at Home Like a Pro?

How to Clean Car Interior Leather Seats at Home Like a Pro?

How to Clean Car Interior Leather Seats at Home in Calgary?

By: Macdetailz Car Detailing Shop Calgary.

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In this article, we will share with our most used leather cleaning and sanitation process that we apply daily when detailing taking care of our precious customer’s cars. Cleaning leather is different then all sorts of other types of cleaning, we are talking here about a thorough leather deep cleaning, decontamination and

conditioning. 3 Major steps to achieve the best result in the leather cleaning world.

Follow our simple steps to clean and protect your car interior leather seats at home like a professional.

At our detailing shop in Calgary, and In order to clean leather seats efficiently and thoroughly, we follow our 5 steps car interior leather seats cleaning method: First, we wipe down the seat using a very soft and clean micro-fiber towel, then apply deep vacuuming before we clean the leather seats using a leather cleaner, next, we decontaminate the leather seats by applying steam cleaning technology, and finally, we make sure the leather is very well conditioned, which will protect and keep the leather surface in a good condition for a long time.

In this article we will explain our leather cleaning method using picture from our detailing job on this 2021 Lincoln Navigator XL last April in Calgary Canada, working on this super luxury SUV was a pure delight for me.

1st Step: Deep Vacuuming.

Vacuum your car interior leather seat and wipe down dust using a soft micro-fiber towel.

2nd Step: Apply leather cleaner.

In our Calgary’s car detailing shop, we use Leather strong cleaner, By “Gyeon”. One of the best leather cleaning products in the market for leather treatment.

Spray Product lightly all over the leather seat.

3rd Step: Agitation.

Use a soft detailing brush to agitate the cleaning solution, to remove all dirt and marks from the leather seats very gently.

You could also use a leather Brush.

Make sure you wipe down the product after you finish, always use clean and soft micro-fiber towels.

4th Step: Leather Sanitation.

If you have cleaned the leather seats using “Gyeon” Leather Strong cleaner and a soft Brush, and dried the seat fully using soft towels, then it should be good enough for the leather seats cleaning, and the seats are ready to be conditioned.

If you want to go deeper with the cleaning process, then sanitation is the way to go.

At Macdetailz Detailing shop, we make sure the leather seats are deeply cleaned and sanitized before we apply any coating.

For this purpose, we use the steam cleaning technology.

As we use our steam machines very often on a daily basis, we have been using commercial grade steamers like “Daimer” and “Dupray”, but you don’t have to buy expensive steam cleaning machines to achieve the same cleaning and sanitation result, a smaller and more affordable steam cleaning machine like “McCulloch MC1375 Steamer” will allow you to steam clean and sanitize your car interior leather seats just like professional detailers do.

Below, I have gathered a list of the tools and products used in this Article, that you could purchase easily online.

So, to steam clean this leather seat, we have programmed our steamer on low pressure (100 PSI and lower), we used a flat nozzle wrapped in a clean micro-fiber towel.

Passes are done in slow speed. When passing the flat nozzle slowly on top of the leather seats, the steam will go down and penetrate the perforated leather seats, then the towel will collect the dirt from the steam as it goes up again.

This step is very effective in the leather cleaning process, as it will remove all remaining dirt and residue after Step 3, on top of the sanitation process that will eliminates bacteria and viruses, and decontaminate the seats fully.

After a few light passes, you can change the dirty towel and repeat the process.

5th Step: Leather conditioning.

After we are done the leather seats deep cleaning and sanitation, it is time to coat and protect the leather seats, for this purpose we use “TheChemical Guys” Leather Conditioner.

Spread product directly on seats and rub it using a very clean micro-fiber towels, or spread product directly on the clean towel before applying.

The final Result:

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