Car Detailing The Dirtiest BMW Ever.

Car Detailing The Dirtiest BMW Ever.

Car Detailing The Dirtiest BMW Ever. Interior Detail +Exterior Wash + Waxing. So today, we are detailing a super dirty 2013 BMW 335I series, first, we will start with the interior detailing, so after removing the garbage and the customer’s personal items, we will apply a deep interior vacuuming for the car interior, that includes vacuuming the seats, the dirty carpet, the dashboard, the steps and also the door’s interiors. Next, we will clean the vinyl, plastic and rubber and leather interior using an LVP product and a gyeon leather cleaner. The final step for the interior detailing will be the carpet shampooing and extraction, then we will apply protection for the interior vinyl and leather. The second step of our extreme car detailing is the two buckets system hand wash using a very soft mitt, we will also clean the rims and tires using special tires and rims brushes, once we are done the car exterior hand wash, we will dry the car exterior paint using very soft and clean micro-fiber towels. The final step of this extreme detail is wax application, for this purpose, we will use Gyeon waxing. We hope you enjoy watching our detailing video, don’t forget to like and to subscribe to our detailing channel.

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