The importance of Detailing your Car In Calgary.

The importance of Detailing your Car In Calgary.

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In this Article we will explain the importance of detailing your car, effective cleaning or deep cleaning, and car interior sanitation.

We will talk about how cleaning your car is becoming a must during times where Covid-19, the seasonal flu and other viruses are becoming a daily fact that we have to deal with and prevent from happening as much as possible.

Cleaning your house and your car on a regular basis are very important to protect yourself and your loved ones from viruses and infectious diseases.

First, we will explain the importance of cleaning and sanitation and bacteria elimination in general, and cleaning your car in particular, then we will talk about why you should detail your car on a regular basis, finally, we will share with you a few simple technics on how to cleanyour car like a pro at your home.

The importance of sanitation in the era of covid-19.

During the covid-19 Era, Effective Cleaning has become our first line of defense against viruses and infectious diseases, Thus the importance of detailing and sanitizing your car interior. When done properly, a professional car interior detailing with sanitation process included like steam cleaning, will clean and sanitize the car interior fully and stops germs and bacteria from regeneration for a period of at least 6 months.

Effective cleaning is becoming an important part of a greater plan to create healthier indoor environment by eliminating the contaminants that can make people sick. Lack of cleanliness and hygiene is an open invitation to infectious diseases.

Why you should Detail your Car?

Cleaningyour car regularly will help avoid allergies, bacteria, viruses or other breathing problems. Avoid spreading germs: Keeping your car clean will stop the spread of germs and help keep you and your family healthy. Cleaning up spills, vacuuming your car interior carpets and seats, and keeping your car interior clean and sanitized will kill germs and eliminates bacteria, and viruses.

How to detail your car at home properly and keep it clean?

In order to keep your car interior clean, one car must be deeply cleaned at least twice a year. This task is usually done by professional detailers. However, if you would like to clean and detail your car at home like a professional, here are a few tips on how to clean your car interior and keep it clean for a long period of time:

1.Remove garbage, debris, juices and food left overs from your car interior, food and sugar-basednutrients when left in warm temperature could become a major source of bacteria and viruses, and most probably will form mold with time.
Just imagine for a second having mold inside your car!

Just imagine for a second having mold inside your car!

2.Deep Vacuum your car interior: Vacuuming is a very crucial step in order to achieve professional car interior detailing results, just vacuuming your car interior will give you an outstanding result and make a huge difference.

3.Steam cleaning : will clean and sanitize at the same time, you can apply it on your car interior seats fabric, car interior carpet and also on plastic, rubber and vinyl panels, along with leather inside the car interior, wipe down using a clean and soft micro-fiber towel. It is important to make sure you do not apply steam cleaning on electronics, the steering wheel and digital panels.

4.Carpet and Seats Shampooing : All of the previous technics are very efficient when it comes to detailing your car interior, if you want to go deeper with the cleaning process, then shampooing your car interior seats and carpet is the next step. You could rent a simple carpet extractor from Home Depot and apply shampooing solution, then agitate the fabric or carpet texture before extracting the dirty water. Make sure you extract all of the dirty water until you see clean water coming through the extractor.

5.Car Interior Protection : Make sure you protect your door’s interior panels, dashboard and center console using car interior protectant.

Bringing your car to a professional detailer once or twice a year will keep your car interior clean and sanitized for a long time.

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