Car Detailing The dirtiest Farm Work truck ever. Today, we are detailing a super dirty 2016 GMC Sierra All Terrain, this Car is used for farming activities on a daily basis, which made the interior a very dirty and a super dusty one. There is a tremendous amount of dust, debris, garbage, mud stains, food stains, pet stains, and a huge quantity of pet hair. So we will make sure we will do a thorough deep interior cleaning for our customers, and we will also make sure you are satisfied with our ASMR car detailing video. So the first step we will start with this extreme interior detail, is the full interior vacuuming, after we remove all of the customer’s personal items, and after we remove the garbage from the car interior. we will then vacuum and shampoo the car interior carpet floor mats. The next step will be cleaning all of the interior vinyl, plastic and rubber, including the car interior seats leather parts. And Finally, we will apply a deep interior shampooing and extraction for the carpet interior and the car interior seats. We hope you enjoy our car detailing video, make sure you subscribe to our channel for more unique car interior and exterior detailing videos. Masters Auto Cleaner’s Detailing Videos:


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