We offer mobile car interior Premium Detailing service in Calgary and surroundings; we bring our detailing shop to your home address or to your office and detail your car interior while you keep working or while you enjoy free precious time with family.

Our mobile detailing service is ranked amongst the best mobile detailing services in Calgary Alberta Canada.

Our goal is to make our professional Car detailing service convenient and affordable to our Privileged Customers.



We know that sometimes our customers are very busy with life and work, that’s why we are offering our Exclusive Mobile Detailing Services in Calgary, AB. We come to your address at home or at work, and we detail your car interior thoroughly and fully, we make sure your car interior is fully restored to a brand-new feel and a fresh look. At The end of our premium car interior detailing package, we apply protection for the car interior vinyl, and we condition the leather seats. This will help keeping your investment in a pristine condition for a longer time.


One of Our main goals at Macdetailz, is to make our top-quality detailing services more accessible to our dear customers. Our mobile detailing unit will come to you wherever you are and apply a premium detailing service while you keep working on your projects, or while you enjoy your free time.

Our detailing services is the most convenient mobile detailing service in YYC, AB.


At MACDETAILZ, detailing shop, we only use the most advanced detailing technologies, combined with highly trained detailers and the best detailing products and tools in the market, to produce the best detailing transformation EVERY TIME.


Our detailing process combines both deep cleaning and sanitation, and while the deep cleaning process removes dirt and rejuvenates your car interior, the sanitation process eliminates bacteria, germs, mold… Mainly disinfecting the car interior fully.


Our mobile detailing rates are amongst the most affordable professional mobile detailing rates in Calgary, YYC. All rates include Travel fees within Calgary, AB.

Our premium interior detailing package includes:

  • Full Car interior deep vacuuming.
  • Car Interior Carpet and seat’s shampooing: stains/marks/Salt/food stains/grease removal.
  • Carpet and seats deep steam cleaning/Deep Cleaning.
  • Full interior Sanitation.
  • Leather special cleaning, deep steaming and conditioning.
  • Salt Removal.
  • Vinyl, Plastic and rubber cleaning, deep steaming and protection
  • Dashboard/Coffee mugs cleaning, deep steaming and protection.
  • Vent’s steam cleaning and protection.
  • Door’s interior cleaning, steaming and protection.
  • Glass Interior and Exterior cleaning.
  • Interior Foot Steps cleaning and protection.
  • Car Interior Protection.
  • Back trunk vacuuming and shampooing.
  • Floor mats vacuuming and shampooing

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Mobile Car Interior Detailing Rates:

* Sedan : $170.
* Suv/Truck : $200.
* Minivan: $ 220.

* 2 Car’s Interior Detailing/Same Location: $320.
* 3 Car’s Interior Detailing/Same Location: $470.


Pet Hair removal:  From $30 for light pet hair quantity, to $80 for large pet hair quantity removal.

Strong Odor removal: $20

Headliners (car interior Ceiling): $30.

Engine Bay Steam Cleaning and coating: $50.

*Rates Includes Travel fees within Calgary, AB.

* $15 Travel Fee Extra charge for serving: Airdrie, Okotoks, Chestermere and Cochrane.