Deep Cleaning a Filthy Dodge Grand Caravan interior, this Caravan’s interior is very dirt; loads of grease stains and liquid spills all over the carpet and the seats, stains and marks all over the interior Vinyl, the Coffee mugs and dashboard are very dirty as well, full of garbage and used dirty masks, we will start by deep cleaning the coffee mugs and then move on to a full interior vacuuming followed by Deep steaming of all the glass interior and exterior and the vinyl and plastic inside the car, and Finally we will apply deep shampooing and try to extract as much dirt as possible. The outcome of our interior detailing of this Dodge Grand Caravan is Unbelievable, a Must Watch. Very satisfying video to watch, if you like amazing detailing transformation, then you must watch the full video. We hope you enjoy our video In this Video, we show you: – How to detail a Dodge Caravan Full Interior in 3 steps: Vacuum, steam clean and shampoo. – How to steam clean a Dodge Caravan Interior.


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